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Any how what is happened is happened, Let us forget every thing and think of the possibilities for changing the age old methods of judgement. Bodybuilding is a Govt recognized sports event.It is the right of every competitor to know the actual marks given to them by each judges. Like Gymnastics, synchronized swimming , etc Bodybuilding results also can be computerized. The marks awarded by each judges should be made visible to everyone on computer screen. If any judges show partiality by giving very high mark or very low mark ,it should be made as the average of total. So it is very essential that the the results should be made transparent. I being the senior most body builder of India, submit this opinion for discussion among the IBBF officials. Welsaid bro and they have not given proper accommodation, and I returned from raigad with out playing competition. I worked hard for six months and I’m from a very famous family from hyderabad, I got a pvt , Ltd construction company. They have not given only two rooms, in which only it has 8 beds and we are all of them was 25 athletes.

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The fans in the stadium, who were celebrating the chance to see their national team again live at the stadium, sat silently in their seats waiting for news of Eriksen’s condition. After Eriksen was carried off, a crisis meeting was held with both teams and match officials over whether to restart the game and the players resumed the game at 8.30 p.m. I give all the credit of my victory to my guru Vipin Peter, who worked hard on me and brought about an amazing transformation in a short time. I would also like to thank the Indian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation for providing such a wonderful platform to athletes. Lastly, I’d like to thank Dr. Sanjay C More for his undying efforts in nurturing, promoting and protecting fitness and fitness athletes. I’m excited to represent our country at the Mr. Asia Championship taking place this weekend. For someone who started out as a model from J&K, displaying our tri-colour on the stage of this international extravaganza is a great honour.

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They are posting the comparison photos which are hard to ignore. Once particular case is that of Ankita Singh who got 5th Place. Here are some of her comparison pictures with another athlete who was placed second. Now its your for all to decide after looking at the pictures who deserved second place and who deserved fifth. Vipin was in best form of this life and he felt that he deserved the title this time. He tells that because he competed through service team and not Maharashtra team, he got second place. Indicating that there is politics being played at IBBF evens. Let’s not get biased, just compare both the athletes and I think even a person who is most ignorant in this field will agree that Vipin is the BETTER SPECIMEN. A very bad sample of politics in sports. Hope an inquiry committee is detailed to right this wrong not only for Vipin but all the others also who are deserving.

vipin peter

I have not slept whole night I sat outside in a park waiting for the morning, and then I took my baggage hire a taxi and went to Mumbai domestic airport . And I quite body building it is not a correct sport to play in india, this official they don’t have respect towards bodybuilder. I agree with you, I’m a student of your student ramakrishna now he is in Indian railway. I told him also that I’m quiting from the bodybuilding this is not a correct sport in india. Hat’s of to you, you have given so many international medal to India but these officials they don’t have respect for you. last year also he participated in my category at Thailand, but he gone out of point. I really dnt have any intention to humiliate him but the people who doing bodybuilding should know the politics which underlying with the oficials and organizers. Well this doesn’t end here, even in women’s category there seems to be dissatisfaction.

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Thats the reason there is panel of judges so that the opinion of the majority is used to give the ranking. Nor do we have anything against the judges and IBBF, They have been doing a good job in promoting the sport of bodybuilding . We have great respect towards both Vipin Peter and Sunit Jadhav. They both are great athletes and done tremendous hardwork to reach where they are today. Through this post we want to highlight the opinion of athletes and general public towards the results of IFBB Mr India 2016.

vipin peter

We provide the facility of home tutor for CBSE/ICSE board students which have some reson to not come at my institute,at low cost for computer related subjects and other courses. We provide bulk sms facility to Coaching institution and other Organisation at low cost for providing information to their students and members. They were brought to their feet when stadium announcers said that Eriksen was “stable”, and the ground rose as one when to was announced that the teams would come out to finish the match. Denmark’s star player Christian Eriksen collapsed and had to be revived on the field by medics during the Euro 2020 match with Finland on Saturday. Hi I was present at the event as I m from Roha.looking Ankita singhs body ahe really deserve 2nd prize. Giving fourth place to Ankitha singh is the worst thing i could imagine .

This fitness-modelling contest runs every year and hunts for aesthetic bodies that are lean, muscular and symmetrical. Athletes are judged on the basis of their body aesthetics, stage presentation and personality. I had a well-established corporate career and worked at an investment fund and financial services firm as a senior financial analyst. Here are some of the photos of one of India’s best bodybuilder Vipin Peter. We have tried to include all his photos including on stage and back stage posing as well as gym posing. Moreover, we want to hear from all you people, What do you guys feel. The bodybuilding contest is not bcoz of your association or judges it’s there bcoz of hardworking bodybuilder. The another instance was during IBBF Mumbai Shree 2016, Some people where claiming that other athlete deserved the overall title . We provide the facility to grow up business in the digital marketting like on internet, Social Media like facebook/twitter/linkdin/etc and on search engine at low cost. We also provide th facility of Android Application Development for any legal purpose and also provide the project training for the students which make project in BCA,MCA and other classes.

If there are any partiality and irregularly found that it should be dealt with very strictly. Other wise people will lose hope on the sport of bodybuilding and IBB. I’d also advise all the judges to go on international standards n learn how judging is done n what basis. Would also request you judges Never sideline a bodybuilder just bcoz of you peoples ego is hurt. If not Vipin the next deserving candidate to win Mr.India was Yatinder Singh who was the 2nd best for the title. Maheshwaran from Indian army was a 1st place deserving candidate in 80 kg he was placed 2nd. He would have been placed 1st if he played from Maharashtra team.

Here is the comparison picture of the conditioning on stage with my friend who got placed SECOND and THIRD . 60 kg winner Nitin mathre was a 4th place deserving candidate but he was given 1st. Hi everyone here I am taking time to write about the dirty Politics in bodybuilding. Although we fully understand the emotions of Vipin Peter, but returning the trophy is not a good thing. You are an Icon, there are lots of youth looking upto to you, taking inspiration from you. Even if you believe that there has been injustice, there are other way to protest. We feel you should uphold the honor of the sport as a true sportsman.

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