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So Klam is one of the many friends and family members I am always cajoling into chauffeuring me to glitzy assassination-related destinations. Plus, I purposefully invited along as many people I care about who would say yes because I thought it would keep me from objectifying my historical dead bodies. Like, if I were in the presence of loved ones whose deaths I dread, then I would be more likely to remember the grief of the loved ones of the dead presidents. In the gravedigger scene in act V, Hamlet looks upon an anonymous skull and jokes that even Alexander the Great decomposed into dust that could have been used to plug a beer barrel. But when Hamlet is shown the skull of his old friend Yorick, the prince becomes unspeakably sentimental and sad because he knew him. There it lay upon the white china, a little black mass no bigger than the end of my finger — dull, motionless and harmless, yet the cause of such mighty changes in the world’s history as we may perhaps never realize…. Silently, in one corner of the room, I prepared the brain for weighing. As I looked at the mass of soft gray and white substance that I was carefully washing, it was impossible to realize that it was that mere clay upon whose workings, but the day before, rested the hopes of the nation. The weighing of the brain…gave approximate results only, since there had been some loss of brain substance, in consequence of the wound, during the hours of life after the shooting. But the figures, as they were, seemed to show that the brain weight was not above the ordinary for a man of Lincoln’s size.

On Chiswick land, far by the northwestern bounds, there stood a tiny ruin atop a bare hill. Norman keep, Angle or Saxon hill fort, ancient Roman camp, or Celtic oppidum reared before Caesar’s times, no one could tell, for it had lain empty and barren time out of mind. “Ah, but have you ever really applied yourself, Alan?” she said, teasing, inclining her head to one side and making her long, glittery light brown hair swish most fetchingly. “I cannot imagine anyone so capable as you not mastering anything he attempted.” There was Divine Services at St. George’s with Alan ensconced by Caroline’s side in the Chiswick pew-boxes, holding the prayer book and hymnal for the two of them, which perforce required them to come together, demurely, at hip or shoulder. The other girls tittered behind their fans and prayer books, casting sly, meaningful glances at the pair. Or peeked from beneath their bonnets or over their shoulders at the Hon.

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Which is why Daniel Chester French isn’t the only reason that marble likeness sits there on the Mall. John Wilkes Booth deserves some of the credit — a notion that would make the assassin want to throw up. After all, if no one had hated Lincoln, there would be no Lincoln Memorial to love. Along with architect Henry Bacon, French tinkered with various solutions, concluding that only electric lighting placed above Lincoln’s head could correct the travesty. I’m happy for French that he lived long enough to see the ceiling lights installed so that his Lincoln is as dignified and pensive as he intended; otherwise the man might have died of embarrassment. On the National Mall in Washington, next to the Reflecting Pool, that shallow, rectangular pond in front of the Lincoln Memorial, the National Park Service has posted a sign. It features a picture of the protesters in the March on Washington listening to Martin Luther King Jr. deliver his “I have a dream” speech from the memorial’s steps.

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Most people thought that such dust had curative powers since it was associated with a near-saint whose corporeal matter had been directly blessed by God. So, getting near a relic, touching it, being near it was considered extremely beneficial and treasured. The real reason bed-and-breakfasts make me nervous is breakfast. As if it’s not queasy enough to stay in a stranger’s home and sleep in a bed bedecked with nineteen pillows. In the morning, the usually cornflake-consuming, wheat-intolerant guest is served floury baked goods on plates so fancy any normal person would keep them locked in the china cabinet even if Queen Victoria herself rose from the dead and showed up for tea. The guest, normally a silent morning reader of newspapers, is expected to chat with the other strangers staying in the strangers’ home. Because I had to stay overnight and this being New England, the only place to stay was a bed-and-breakfast. It was a lovely old country mansion operated by amiable people.

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It’s the Vatican of the Lincoln assassination subculture, hosting symposia, publishing scholarly books and journals. When a doctor was called for, Charles Sabin Taft, an army surgeon attending the play, was lifted up to Lincoln’s box. Taft asked that Lincoln be removed to the nearest home, which turned out to be the Petersen boardinghouse, across the street, now better known as The House Where Lincoln Died. Various people rushed to Lincoln, including the star of the play, actress Laura Keene, whose bloodstained collar is on display, along with the top hat Lincoln wore to the theater, in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. Powell’s alleged great-granddaughter wanted the Smithsonian to keep the disputed skull. But eventually, the mystery woman backed off, and, after interinstitutional haggling about whether or not to keep the skull or “deaccession” it to the niece for burial, the niece ended up with the skull in 1994, burying it next to Powell’s mother as she had promised. I find the possibility of an impregnated girlfriend entirely plausible. Booth’s good looks get a lot of play, but in a Lincoln conspirators’ beauty pageant, my money’s on Powell taking home the tiara. It was in an art gallery at an exhibition of crime photos.

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Steers recounts that Booth and Mudd were seen in public together on two occasions prior to the assassination, damning evidence the prosecution used to convict Mudd in 1865. Steers also brings up relatively new evidence, not unearthed from an archive until 1975, that Booth’s co-conspirator George Atzerodt confessed that before the assassination, Booth had sent supplies ahead to Mudd’s home. Moreover, the author persuasively argues that Mudd acted as Booth’s “recruiter,” introducing him to Confederate Secret Service agents, including John Surratt. As Steers puts it, “To give up Booth, Booth would have surely given up Mudd.” Which is why, when the authorities questioned Mudd, Mudd played dumb, claiming that he didn’t recognize Booth because Booth was wearing a fake beard at the time — lame. You’ve got a heritage of doing that, of defending Southern patriots like [Robert E.] Lee, Jackson and Davis.

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  • And those hills from the summit of the nearest seemed to topple, to roll on forever like a delightful verdant sea—north toward Glandon Park and the Thames, south all the way to the Channel at Portsmouth.
  • He’d seen men quilled with splinters, limbs ripped off with grape-shot, or puking blood from stomach wounds suffered in battle.
  • The woman working at the cash register in the gift shop says she’s Dr. Mudd’s great-great-granddaughter.
  • Alan had to rise and try to sing “pulley-hauley” chanties for them, rollicking verses each more improbable, and more scandalous than the last, until Uncle Phineas announced that he was tired of all the folderol and was off for bed.
  • Considering that it is a memento of the worst night of their lives, I asked the museum director, Peter Wisbey, why the Sewards saved the bloodstained sheet.

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