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In another approach, cells of different target data states are programmed separately. If decision step 546 is true, step 548 performs verify tests to identify deficient memory cells for which reprogramming is warranted, e.g., by detecting memory cells for which the Vth is below a respective verify voltage. A first category of deficient memory cells includes memory cells which previously passed the verify test with a Vth above the verify voltage, where the Vth subsequently fell below the verify voltage due to significant detrapping. A second category of deficient memory cells may include a small number of memory cells which did not pass the verify test during the programming pass.

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  • Moreover, the programming parameters may be optimized for average A state cells, in which case some slower than average A state cells may not pass the verify test.
  • 15D provides an optimum program pulse width because it results in a significant increase of the lower tail without increasing the upper tail.
  • Similarly, the number of cells being reprogrammed can be an average across all of the target data states, in one approach, or a sum of all cells being reprogrammed regardless of the target data state.
  • Through this analysis, the manufacturer can select promotional strategies that best reach their target customer segments.
  • The data mining algorithms that are implemented are reliable and have better performance than the traditional statistical methods.

For example, non-volatile semiconductor memory is used in cellular telephones, digital cameras, personal digital assistants, mobile computing devices, non-mobile computing devices and other devices. Flash memory is among the most popular type of non-volatile semiconductor memories. With flash memory, the contents of an entire memory array can be erased in one step. These modern games, even though only a year advanced, are much more taxing than Borderlands 3. So anyone with a decent system can run this game on at least medium settings at 1080p, or you can always decrease it to 720p. The latest budget APU from AMD, Ryzen 3, can run the game in the lowest settings at 35 to 40 FPS, but you will be sacrificing a lot in terms of graphics quality. If the pixel shader and vertex shader are confusing terms, check the direct X version of your PC; DX 11 or above means you are good to go. The game is playable in the lowest settings, but you may encounter some strange things during sessions if you go any lower on the hardware, like floating characters and mismatched ground objects. Besides, in 2020, even the budget systems are quite powerful enough to handle almost any modern games at the lowest settings. Borderlands 3 is the newest addition in the franchise; the first game was launched almost 11 years ago.

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The program pulse width for reprogramming is the same in each figure. 14A and increases by equal increments in each successive figure to a highest magnitude in FIG. 14F. The Vth distributions after one programming pass are relatively wide due to detrapping. Note that when there are several target data states to be reprogrammed, cells with neighboring data states can be programmed together. For example, with target data states of A, B, C, D, E, F and G, the A and B states can be programmed by a common program pulse, the C and D states can be programmed by another common program pulse, and so forth. 4C depicts a cross-sectional view of the portion 488 of the block 480 of FIG. Columns of memory cells corresponding to NAND strings NS0A-NS3A in FIG. In the portion, a stack 490 which includes a substrate 101, an insulating film 250 on the substrate, and a portion of a source line SL0A. Recall that the additional straight NAND strings in a SGD line subset extend in front of and in back of the NAND strings depicted in the cross-section, e.g., along the x-axis. Dashed lines depict memory cells and select gate transistors.

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Initially, the cells are all in the erased state as represented by the threshold distribution distribution 800. The vertical axis indicates the number of cells and the horizontal axis indicates a Vth. 7A depicts a Vth distribution of memory cells at a start of the programming operation. Initially, all memory cells are in the Er state, represented by the distribution 700. The flat control gate is used instead of a control gate that wraps around a floating gates. One advantage is that the charge-trapping layer can be made thinner than a floating gate. Additionally, the memory cells can be placed closer together. For each block, the WLL is divided into two portions 202 and 204.

At the same time, step 563 a enables programming of the non-locked, deficient memory cells of the selected target data state, and prohibits programming of other memory cells. The non-locked out deficient memory cells can include deficient memory cells of the A state which have not completed reprogramming by passing a verify test in the reprogramming. 1B is a block diagram of a memory device which can be used to provide a 3D stacked non-volatile memory device such as depicted in FIG. 1A or a 2D memory device such as depicted in FIG. 5A. The memory device 100 may include one or more memory die 108. The memory die 108 includes memory structure 126 of memory cells (e.g., including the blocks BLK0 and BLK1), control circuitry 110, and read/write circuits 128.

Clover tales slot machine as one of the best running apps for mobile phones, secure and time-saving. Playtech places amongst the top three suppliers of online casino apps, not to mention one that allows those with more money to splash their cash if they so wish. the width of the program pulse applied to the set of memory cells is based on a number of memory cells for which reprogramming is warranted. For example, the reprogramming speed for the A state cells can be used to modify the subsequent reprogramming of the B and C state cells. If the programming speed is lower than expected, an initial magnitude, pulse width or step size can be increased for the B and C state cells to increase their programming speed.

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For example, 1-5% of the A, B and C state memory cells may fail their verify test. This amount may be based on an error correction capability of the memory device. 5C depicts an example implementation of a programming pass consistent with steps 530 and 531 in FIG. 5B. Step 542 begins one programming pass for a set of memory cells comprising different subsets of memory cells with different target data states. Optionally, one or more previous programming passes have been performed. Step 543 sets an initial magnitude, a width and a step size of program pulses which are to be used in the programming pass. In one approach, the width and step size are fixed during the programming pass. Step 544 involves applying Vpgm to the set of memory cells, such as via a selected word line.

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