Hackers Breach Electronic Arts, Stealing Game Source Code And Tools

Low promoter shareholding prior to the IPO gives confidence on external oversight mechanism (non-promoter investors hold 77 per cent stake). However, the risk for the business is that it is dependent on building successful gaming franchises, which is not a certainty. Threat of competition from international and domestic players with deeper pockets to outspend competition is also a risk. While leaking of the source code usually leads to duplicate games coming up, it is unlikely that any other reputable video game developers would knowingly use EA’s code. Still, this source code could result in people being able to find out the intricate workings of a game and developing cheats and cracks. Secret projects and game ideas could also be leaked with this.

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Electronic Arts Faces Massive Cybersecurity Breach, 780gb Data Including Fifa 21 Source Code Stolen

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This has encouraged FinTech firms in creating online API marketplaces that effortless integrates various data services via a unified platform to facilitate instant data capture and verification. KYC, one of the most fundamental processes of a lending system, is crucial and cumbersome at the same time. The consent for e-KYC by Supreme Court allows digital lending systems to instantly validate KYC data via parallel processing to ease authentication and enable faster customer onboarding. All they look out for in a lending solution is ease of access to funds powered by a one-tap digital lending experience. Whereas the new-age digital lending systems offer loans for credit-worthy borrowers purely based on their risk assessment metrics and helps cut down cost-overheads with its digital-first approach and prudent analytics. The hackers claimed to supply “full capability of exploiting on all EA services.” They additionally claimed to have stolen software program improvement tools for FIFA 21 and server code for participant matchmaking in FIFA 22. , together with the Frostbite source code, which is the game engine that powers the FIFA, Madden, and Battlefield sequence of video video games, amongst others.

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It is said that a total of 780GB data has been stolen from the video game publisher, and it has also allegedly been put up for sale on hacker forums. However, the company has clarified that the hackers have not been able to access any player data. Folks at Bleeping computer spoke to the hacker selling EA’s data. The report says that the hackers claim to have access to all of EAs services, telling customers willing to pay $28 million for the stolen data that they will gain full capability to exploit all EA services. The Bleeping Computer report shows that the hackers also have access to Xbox and Sony SDKs and API keys. On top of everything, suppliers based in India face stiff competition from cheap electronics component importers.

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